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Q:  How long is the first appointment?

A:  It may vary, but generally speaking, the first appointment will be merely a consulting one. Our dentist or dental hygienist will be checking the overall state of your oral health. Then a dentist will provide recommendations on any further dental procedures you might need.

Q:  Who performs my treatment?

A:  We have a dedicated team of different dentists. Each of them have profound medical experience and degree. Also, we have practical nurses and dental hygienists in our clinic’s team. Our staff will be more than enough to provide a timely, efficient dental care for all of our patients!

Q:  Why visit the dentist ?

A:   A dental checkup at least twice a year with concurrent scaling and polishing will help prevent oral diseases and could help save your life because certain systemic diseases manifest with oral symptoms. So the saying ''a stitch in time saves nine'' could just be true.

Dental care is important because it:

  • Fights teeth decay
  • Helps to prevent miscellaneous periodontal (gum) diseases, which eventually can lead to tooth loss
  • Prevents bad breath. So besides brushing and flossing, seeing the dentist regularly will help eliminate the bacteria that causes a bad smell
  • Awards you with a snow-shite smile and a new breath of confidence!
  • Helps keep teeth shiny by preventing them being stained by food, drinks, and cigarettes
  • Makes your teeth stronger which allows you to eat any food you want, at any age!

Q:  My teeth feel fine; do I still need to see a dentist?

A:    You may feel fine and think that your oral health is at no risk. But the thing is, that only a professional dentist can detect dental problems in it's early stages. This might happen only during a regular dental checkup. Food staining, gums problems and teeth weakening are just a few issues that can go unnoticed for quite a while. Also, you need to take advantage of all the modern dental medicine to fix any issues you did not fix earlier (like broken, chipped teeth etc…).

Q:  How can I take care of my teeth in between dental checkups?


  • Do not forget to brush your teeth, at least, two times a day (5 minutes each time). Floss at least once a day!
  • Use only a fluoride containing toothpaste. Ask your dentist if you also might need a fluoride rinse. This will prevent any cavities in the future!
  • Avoid sugary drinks, foods and cigarettes as much as possible. These harm the overall immunity of your mouth and stain your teeth badly.
  • When brushing teeth, brush your tongue as well! By doing so you will remove food particles and reduce the amount of mouth bacteria.
  • Tongue brushing will make your breath much fresher!
  • Be sure to schedule your regular, routine check-ups. It is recommended to check your teeth at least twice a year or even more often.

Q:   What age do I start taking my child to the dentist?

A:    As soon as the milk teeth starts to show in the mouth. 

Q:   When should I change my toothbrush?

A:     It is highly recommended to change your toothbrush once in every month!